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 Zwangsumsiedlung von 30.000 Beduinen in Israel
Zwangsumsiedlung von Beduinen in Israel
Palästinensischer ziviler Ungehorsam
Und der Staat, ist der loyal?
Palästinenser Israeli folgen Thoreau
Apartheidstaat: Boykott Israel
Piraten im Mittelmeer
Ezra Nawi gefangen.
























 Neve Gordon 

Neve Gordon, born 15 June 1965, is a Senior Lecturer and head of the Department of Politics and Government[1] at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, who writes on issues relating to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and human rights. A third-generation Israeli, Gordon did his military service in a IDF Paratrooper unit, and suffered severe injuries in action at Rosh Hanikra, as a result of which he has a 42 percent disability. During the first Intifada he served as director of Physicians for Human Rights, Israel. He is an active member in Ta'ayush, Arab-Jewish Partnership.[2] He identifies himself as a member of the Israeli peace camp, has described Israel as an 'apartheid state' and supports the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel movement.[3] >>>


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