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Jewish Peace Activists Defend German Critic of Israel
Nich lernen Krieg zu führen!
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Externe Texte

The sixth commandment   [By: Joseph Algazy, 25/05/2006]
A number of personal experiences from the war of June 1967 remain etched in my memory. For reasons that will become clear, I have never before made them public. Now, almost 40 years later, I felt it was time to commit them to writing and publish them. This is my war story. Because it is the personal story of a political individual, it is also a political story. Owing to space considerations, only fragments of it are set down here.


Iraq, Palestine and Resisting Erasure   [By: Rela Mazali, 14/08/2005]
Presented at the International Women in Black Conference, East Jerusalem, 11-16 August 2005.

Gandhi Redux   [By: Meron Rapaport, 09/06/2005]  
"I am happy that you are here, the Israelis," the ultra-Orthodox believer from Ramallah said to the former Haredi (Jewish ultra-Orthodox believer) from Kfar Chabad, and the two, joined by another 500 or so Palestinians and about 100 Israelis, continued on their way to the weekly demonstration against the separation fence at Bilin.


The Duty to Volunteer   [By: Yael Shiloh, 18/05/2005]
In the State of Israel there is a duty to volunteer. It's true that there are other countries with compulsory enlistment, but I don't know if there are any other countries where there is a duty to volunteer, entrenched so deeply in law, in the culture, and most important - in the minds of the citizens.


Students resist military service   [By: Kim Bullimore, 27/04/2005]
Article on draft resistance in Israel. An edited version of this article appeared in Australia's Green Left Weekly.


IRAQ: Doctors warn of increasing deformities in newborn babies   [By: United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN), 27/04/2005]
BAGHDAD, 27 April (IRIN) - Doctors in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, have reported a significant increase in deformities among newborn babies


"No Woman's Law Will Rot This State": the Israeli Racial State and Feminist Resistance   [By: Ronit Lentin, Trinity College Dublin, 31/08/2004]
This paper employs social theory and empirical observation, juxtaposing Israel as a 'racial state' (Goldberg, 2002) and the concept of femina sacra, a female version of Agamben's homo sacer or 'bare life' (Agamben, 1998), to think about some aspects of Israeli feminist peace activism since the onset of the second Intifada. Although Israeli feminist peace activism seems to discursively vacillate between essentialist motherhood narratives and subversive draft resistance practices, reading draft resistance narratives of young Israeli women conscripts, the paper tentatively suggests that where the state positions itself above morality, while evoking morality in its defence, feminist 'peace activism' in Israel/Palestine, though providing a potent counter-narrative to the Zionist narration of nation, does not destabilise the racial state, which is apparently gradually destroying itself while wilfully destroying its Others. I conclude by asking whether morally positioning itself in contrast to the racial state, such resistance can be theorised as gendered.


To The 'Conscience Committee'   [By: Alex Kohn, 19/03/2005]
Declaration of refusal signed by Alex Kohn, of the 2005 Seniors' Letter.


Recruiter-turned-peacenik hits nerve in N.C.   [By: Rick Hampson, 20/03/2005]
This is the story of a veteran and the town to which he returned — a town that no longer recognizes the man who once preached the leatherneck gospel and now has a whole different sermon.


Israel: The Peaceful Alternative   [By: Jonathan Ben-Artzi]
I believe that this is possible. We can live side by side, as neighbors, today. I cannot accept that we are destined to war, and that coexistence can come only after bloodshed and grief. Verdun is not a necessary stop on the way to peace. For this reason I have refused to join the Israeli army, and have spent 18 months in military prison and detention.


The White Rose - Its Legacy and Challenge   [By: Chris Zimmerman, 18/02/2005]
Six decades ago, at the end of February 1943, three students from the White Rose, a resistance group in Munich, were arrested, sentenced to death and summarily beheaded. Their names were Hans Scholl, 24; his sister Sophie, 21; and Christoph Probst, 23.


Israeli report damns demolitions   [By: BBC News, 17/02/2005]
An Israeli army committee has recommended stopping the practice of demolishing the houses of Palestinian suicide bombers and their families


Israelis challenging Israel's Militarization   [By: Martin Smedjeback, 17/01/2005]
In a deeply militarized society it is not easy to question what is seen as the lifeline for the Israeli State -- the military itself. Still there are an increasing number of Israelis who want another kind of society, a society which is not permeated by the military. "We are like mosquitoes that keep buzzing this message, because I know that there are a lot of people who think this way too," says Tal Haran, one of the members in New Profile


Rebuilding a House and Building a Common Future   [By: Martin Smedjeback, 17/01/2005]
Young and old came from different parts of the world to the small village of Anata to rebuild a demolished Palestinian house together with Israelis and Palestinians. They wanted to provide a home for 23 people, but there was also a larger motivating factor. Building the house was also an act of resistance to the Occupation


No Entry for Officers in Uniform   [By: Saul Mughrabi-Berger, 06/01/2005]
Saul Mughrabi-Berger, one of the leaders of the pupils' protest against military presence in Municipal High School A in Tel-Aviv, explains to the principal what is the difference between a school and a military training base.


Military school   [By: Gideon Levy, 19/12/2004]
In an educational system that considers preparation for military service to be an educational goal, the insertion of miltiary officers into the school staff is but a continuation of the existing policy - says Haaretz correspondent and columnist Gideon Levy.


Palestinian textbooks: Where is all that 'incitement'?   [By: Roger Avenstrup International Herald Tribune, 18/12/2004]
This report reaffirms what others have affirmed: Palestinian textbooks do not contain incitement against Israel. Roger Avenstrup additionally turns attention to the militaristic tendencies in Israeli education, and mentions New Profile's Report on Child Recruitment in Israel.


The Panic   [By: Liat Weingart, Co-Director Jewish Voice for Peace]
We're in a time of transition. Yasser Arafat died right after Kerry lost the US presidential election. The opposition to the Presbyterian Church's decision to investigate selective divestment from companies doing business with Israel's occupation is growing. And support of them is growing. Meanwhile, Mustafa Barghouti has called for sanctions against Israel, and the Somerville, Mass. Board of Aldermen is debating divestment. It's a time that calls for clearheadedness. New things are happening, and we need to be prepared to create new strategies.


Playing With Fire   [By: Merav Datan, 11/08/2004]
The following is a very intersting article which pictures the conflict, and its connection to militarism from a special point of view. The author is a specialist on international law, women & security and disarmament (lectures and researches in the US).


A suitable case for treatment   [By: Doron Rosenblum, 11/12/2004]
It's true that Arafat and his flock must take credit for the surge in Israel's militarization in the past few years, and it's also true that this is a natural reaction, akin to immunization, to the collapse of the peace process and the assaults on our lives.


The Precarious Position of Women Objectors in Israel   [By: Sergeiy Sandler, 20/10/2004]
The status of women under the Israeli conscription law, and practice, has always been exceptional. Now, legal developments threaten to deprive women conscientious objectors in Israel of the little recognition of their right to CO that they enjoyed so far.


Between violence and non-violence   [By: Amira Hass, 25/08/2004]
The Mahatma Gandhi's grandson is visiting the country this week at the invitation of Palestinians who want to advance the idea of a popular struggle against the Israeli occupation. Gandhi is slated to speak to Palestinians about non-violent struggle, but it is a discussion that we Israelis should also conduct. As occupiers.


Genocide   [By: Joe Eskenazi, Jewish News Weekly of Northern California, 29/07/2004]
Jewish voices join chorus calling for halt of ethnic slaughter in Sudan


Israeli and Jordanian activists plead for the environment   [By: Alexandra J. Wall, Jewish News Weekly of Northern California, 16/07/2004]
“Water could be what the next war is based on,” Dana Rassas, a Jordanian citizen who is interning with several Bay Area coastal organizations, warned recently.
But, she added, “if the countries work together, it could bring peace, too.”


Obituary for Toma Ŝik (1939-2004)   [By: Uri Davis, 26/07/2004]
Jesha'ayahu Toma Ŝik - one of the most important figures in the history of the conscientious objection movement in Israel - died on 13 July 2004. This obituary, also relating some of that history, was written by his long-time friend and fellow activist Uri Davis.


Why I Burned My Israeli Military Papers   [By: Josh Ruebner]
On Thursday I set fire to my Israeli military deferral papers across the street from the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC. This act of civil disobedience took place during a protest organized by a Jewish American peace organization against the atrocities that Israel is committing in the occupied Gaza Strip


Two Magic Phrases   [By: Amira Hass, 19/05/2004]
There are two magic phrases that the government uses to enlist soldiers, pilots and their families for the assault on Rafah: "armed men" and "smuggling tunnels." The sound of those two threatening phrases overcomes the sounds of gunfire by the air force and armored corps, the humming of the unmanned aircraft overhead, the whistle of the missiles, the long bursts of machine gun fire, the bombs and the shelling. And then the sirens of the ambulances.


Amnesty International - ISRAEL/OCCUPIED TERRITORIES Palestinian civilians in Rafah refugee camp   [By: Amnesty International, 18/05/2004]
The Israeli army has accelerated its demolition of houses in the Rafah refugee camp in the past few days, making over 1,000 people homeless. The army intends to demolish more houses in the camp.

Amnesty International delegates went to the areas where homes have been destroyed, and saw dozens of families fleeing with their possessions in anticipation of further destruction.


As long as the plan contains the magic term 'withdrawal', it is seen as a good thing   [By: Ilan Pappe, 19/04/2004]
Ilan Pappe warns that Israel is heading for disaster


Remember Falluja   [By: Orit Shohat, 28/04/2004]
During the first two weeks of this month, the American army committed war crimes in Falluja on a scale unprecedented for this war. According to the relatively few media reports of what took place there, some 600 Iraqis were killed during these two weeks, among them some 450 elderly people, women and children.


UN nuclear watchdog chief ElBaradei due in Israel in July   [By: Yossi Melman, Haaretz Correspondent and News Agencies, 28/04/2004]
UN nuclear watchdog chief Mohamed ElBaradei, who has called for Israel to dismantle its nuclear arsenal, is expected to visit the country in July, officials said on Wednesday.


IAEA chief ElBaradei calls on Israel to give up nuclear weapons   [By: Yossi Melman, 28/04/2004]
The Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Mohamed ElBaradei, has called on Israel to relinquish its nuclear weapons as part of a general peace agreement in the Middle East.


I Am Your Spy   [By: Mordechai Vanunu]
"I am the clerk, the technician, the mechanic, the driver, whom they told, do this or do that."
A Poem by Mordechai Vanunu - the nuclear whistleblower.


Israel's Conscientious Objectors - The Categorical Imperative   [By: Uri Avnery, 29/12/2003]
Some years ago, when the jury for the annual Israel Prize announced its award to Professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz, I decided to invite him to give a lecture to the Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace, the group that established the first contacts with the PLO.

"I am ready to come," he said, "on one condition: I shall speak only about the duty to refuse to serve in the occupied territories." For him, that was the alpha and omega of the fight against the occupation.


The Courage of Conscience Award - Introductory Speech   [By: New Profile, 10/03/2004]
This speech was given by Marina Pevzner at the Courage of Conscience Award ceremony by Piece Abbey.


Words Have Failed Us   [By: Amira Hass, 03/03/2004]
Published in Haaretz, 3 March 2004.


To our dear friends,the Israeli female and male conscientious objectors!   [By: Women in Black, Belgrade, 14/02/2004]
A message of support and encouragement from Women in Black Belgrade.


Know When To Say No: Refusal in Jewish Heritage   [By: Shamai Leibowitz, Attorney-At-Law, 24/02/2004]
An article by Shamai Leibowitz regarding the Jewish perspective of refusal and conscientious objection.


A Personal Perspective on Consicientious objection in Israel   [By: Ruth Hiller, 12/01/2001]
An article about Yinnon Hiller's decision not to join the army on ground so his pacifism, the path he chose and how it affected his family.


There is Wisdom in Fear   [By: Deby Birnbaum, 26/10/1999]
Essay written by Deby Birnbaum, founding memeber of New Profile to Ms. Paz Melamed, Editor to Women Magazine, Ma'ariv Daily


Ten Reasons to Oppose US Militarization of Aid and Reconstruction in Iraq   [By: Yifat Susskind, MADRE, 30/04/2003]
The US insists on exercising direct military control over the administration of humanitarian aid and reconstruction in Iraq. We believe these processes should be handled by independent agencies of the United Nations. Here are 10 reasons why.


Why Environmentalists Oppose War and Militarism   [By: Gar Smith, Environmentalists Against War, 01/01/2004]
The following statement by Environmentalists Against War provides arguments for preserving peace and promoting diplomacy as alternatives to war.

  People with Guns   [By: Neta Rotem]
Pictures taken by Neta Rotem, reflecting militarism in Isareli society


Militarization of Knowledge   [By: Adina Aviram, 01/06/2003]
New-Profile as Antithesis to Militarism


Controlling the "Other": Militarization and Bioengineering   [By: Adina Aviram, 13/10/2003]
This was presented in Berlin at the working conference on: Within and Beyond the Limits of Human Nature


Voting with our feet: women (and children) in Israel making new move(ment)s   [By: Rela Mazali]
Israelis often describe their society as "child-oriented". Given the evidence, is this indeed the case? Or is it in fact a society that devalues children and youth?



“AND WHAT ABOUT THE GIRLS?”   [By: Rela Mazali]
“‘And What About the Girls?’: What a Culture of War Genders Out of View,”
Nashim:A Journal of Jewish Women’s Studies and Gender Issues, (forthcoming 2003).
An analysis of how Israel's militarized culture marginalizes and erases risks to, and act


My Draft Resistance – Ten Stops along the Way   [By: Shani Werner]


A Letter   [By: Shani Werner, 31/12/2002]


My Draft Resistance   [By: Danya Vaknin]
Part of a project of collecting testimonies of women draft resisters in Israel


My Draft Resistance   [By: Tal Matalon, 23/02/2003]
Part of a project of collecting testimonies of women draft resisters in Israel

New Profile

Wir, eine Gruppe feministischer Frauen und Männer, sind davon überzeugt, dass wir nicht in einem Soldatenstaat leben müssen.

Heutzutage wäre Israel zu einer entschlossenen Friedenspolitik fähig. Es muss keine militarisierte Gesellschaft sein. Wir sind davon überzeugt, dass wir uns selbst, unsere Kinder und unsere PartnerInnen, nicht endlos mobilisieren lassen müssen. Wir müssen nicht als KriegerInnen leben. Wir haben gelernt, dass der Kriegszustand in Israel durch Entscheidungen der PolitikerInnen aufrecht erhalten wird - nicht durch ausländische Kräfte, denen wir passiv ausgesetzt sind. Während uns gelehrt wird, zu glauben, dass sich das Land einer Bedrohung außerhalb seiner Kontrolle gegenübersieht, stellen wir nun fest, dass der Begriff "nationale Sicherheit" oft verschleiert hat, dass wohl-kalkulierte Entscheidungen für den Einsatz des Militärs der Durchsetzung politischer Ziele diente.

Wir sind nicht länger bereit, dabei mitzumachen. Wir werden es ihnen nicht weiter durch unseren Gehorsam ermöglichen, sie auf unkritische Weise mit SoldatInnen, ihren Werkzeugen, zu versorgen. Wir werden uns nicht weiter mobilisieren lassen, nicht Kinder für die Rekrutierung großziehen, keine einberufenen PartnerInnen, Brüder, Väter unterstützen, während diejenigen, die für das Land verantwortlich sind, weiter fortfahren, leichtfertig die Armee einzusetzen, statt andere Lösungen aufzubauen.

Es ist schwer, heute eine solche Meinung in Israel zu vertreten. In einem Soldatenstaat gibt es gleiche und weniger gleiche Bürger: Oben auf der sozialen Leiter stehen die, die kämpfen. Und dies sind "unfehlbare" Männer. Zudem sind es in Israel jüdische Männer. Als Krieger erhalten sie privilegiertes Wissen und haben Vorrang bei Entscheidungen. Positionen, die Zweifel über die "Sicherheit" von Entscheidungen aufwerfen, den enormen Militäretat des Staates oder die andauernde Politik der militärischen Konfrontation in Frage stellen, werden als "naiv", "hysterisch" oder "ignorant" gebrandmarkt. Eine Haltung, die das grundsätzliche Prinzip, sich vom Militär erfassen zu lassen, in Frage stellt, ist in einem Soldatenstaat unverständlich. Sie wird als illegitim abgelehnt.

Unsere Position - die "ignorante" - ist frei von den Verstandesvorgaben, die für den seit Jahrzehnten fortdauernden Krieg verantwortlich sind. Es ist eine Position, die das Leben und den Schutz des Lebens in den Vordergrund stellt. Sie duldet stillschweigend schmerzhafte Kompromisse im Interesse des Schutzes von Leben. Die Herrschaftskultur in Israel nährt die Bewunderung für Macht und körperliche Tapferkeit, die Erhöhung von Juden und die Abwertung des Lebens von Arabern.

Das militarisierte Bewusstsein sieht die Option des Krieges als vernünftig an. Junge Menschen lassen sich erfassen und setzen ihr Vertrauen auf die Klugheit und Ehrlichkeit derjenigen, die für die Ableistung des Dienstes werben. Jeder von uns ist ihnen und sich selbst Rechenschaft schuldig. Jedes Elternteil ist aktiv an der Erziehung von Söhnen und Töchtern zu SoldatInnen beteiligt. Und doch gibt es viele Frauen und Männer, Eltern und Jugendliche, die zutiefst moralisch die andauernde Entscheidung Israels zum Krieg ablehnen. Wir widersetzen uns dem Gebrauch militärischer Mittel jenseits der Grünen Linie zur Aufrechterhaltung der israelischen Souveränität.

Wir lehnen den Gebrauch von Armee, Polizei und Sicherheitskräften bei der andauernden Unterdrückung und Diskriminierung der palästinensischen Bürger von Israel ab, die Zerstörung ihrer Häuser, die Verweigerung des Aufbaus und der Entwicklung ihrer Rechte, den Gebrauch von Gewalt, um ihre Demonstrationen aufzulösen. Es gibt seit vielen Jahren eine weitverbreitete Opposition zu der der israelischen Armee zugewiesenen Rolle, Tausende von jungen Frauen und Männern entziehen sich gegenwärtig der Wehrpflicht oder den Reservediensten. Etwa 25% der jährlichen Rekrutierungsjahrgänge werden gegenwärtig als untauglich eingestuft. Es ist allgemein bekannt, dass sich der größte Teil von ihnen entschieden hat, nicht zu dienen. Sie fühlen sich unfähig, sich mit der Tragweite und Bedeutung des heutigen Militärdienstes in Israel zu identifizieren. Ohne Möglichkeit der Kriegsdienstverweigerung, stellt sich die Ausmusterung praktisch als einziger Weg dar. Die Wahl, die Armee zu verlassen, ist sogar unter ReservistInnen weit verbreitet. Armeesprecher haben erklärt, dass nur ein Drittel der Reservekräfte tatsächlich aktiven Dienst ableisten. Wir alle wissen, wie stark unter ihnen der Wunsch besteht, den Dienst zu vermeiden ("Zwielichtverweigerung").

Derzeit erkennt das israelische Recht das Menschenrecht auf Kriegsdienstverweigerung bei Männern nicht an. Wir halten das israelische Wehrpflichtgesetz für diskriminierend und undemokratisch, und fordern die Anerkennung des grundlegenden Rechtes jeder Person, eingeschlossen der Männer, in Übereinstimmung mit ihrem Gewissen handeln zu können. Auch junge Frauen müssen sich einer erniedrigenden Befragung durch das militärische Komitee zur Prüfung von Ausnahmen unterziehen. Wir dringen auch für Frauen auf eine Revision der Verfahren zur Prüfung von Ausnahmen bei Gewissensgründen. Nach dem eigenen Gewissen zu handeln, ist das fundamentale Recht jedes Mannes und jeder Frau. Wir rufen zur Anerkennung des Rechtes von Männern und Frauen auf, ihre soziale Verantwortung in Form eines alternativen zivilen Dienstes auszudrücken, der innerhalb eines breiten Spektrums von Gemeinschaftsdiensten, inklusive von Arbeitsstellen bei nichtstaatlichen Organisationen, durchgeführt werden kann.

Wir weigern uns, unsere Kinder weiter mit dem Ziel aufzuziehen, die Einberufung als höchsten und vorherrschenden Wert anzusehen. Wir wollen ein grundlegend verändertes Ausbildungssystem, für eine wahrhaft demokratische zivile Erziehung, das Lehren von Praktiken des Friedens und der Konfliktlösung, anstatt Kindern beizubringen, die Einberufung und den Krieg zu akzeptieren.

Kontakt: New Profile, POB 48005, Tel Aviv 61480, Email: ghiller@haogen.org.il http://www.newprofile.org

New Profile: New Profile Charter, Juni 1999. Entnommen von der Homepage www.newprofile.org. Übersetzung aus dem Englischen: Rudi Friedrich Quelle

Die Friedensbewegung in Israel braucht für ihre wichtige Arbeit unter schwierigen Bedingungen finanzielle Unterstützung. Wir bitten Sie daher um Spenden! 

New Profile

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