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The Petition



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Preamble to the Petition

Our children - Adam, Hagai, Matan, Noam and Shimri - have been sentenced to repeated, and practically unlimited, periods in military jails until they surrender. Their "crime" is that they refuse to serve the Israeli Army in order to enforce the occupation - they have chosen to be prisoners rather than jailers.
We believe that our children have been so severely punished because of their opinions. We believe that the severity of the punishment reflects the Israel Government's fear of those opinions. It is the Government's policy to suppress those ideas by intimidating our children.
For this policy to succeed it must be done QUIETLY.
We cannot let that happen!
By raising an unprecedented number of supporters for this petition you will not only be working to free these 5 brave people - but you will also be demonstrating that THEIR IDEALS are not to be suppressed by intimidation.
We believe that a massive support for this petition must influence our Government and those who support it.
We ask you not only to sign the petition but also join us to work with us to create a "moral uprising" - see how you can help more.
The Petition

To Prime Minister Ariel Sharon,
Concerning the imprisonment of Noam Bahat, Matan Kaminer, Adam Maor, Haggai Matar and Shimri Tsameret
As we see it, your government is jailing them because of their CONVICTIONS!
These young men chose to tell the truth -- that it is against their conscience to do what your government wants the army to do. They believe that the army should not be a tool for oppressing another people. The Israeli Army should exist for one purpose only - that of genuine defense. But its present purpose and conduct is the opposite: by maintaining the seemingly endless occupation of the Palestinian Territories and denying the Palestinians their most basic human rights, it also destroys the Israeli society, its moral values, its economy, and yields terror attacks. This is no defense army. Indeed, the young draft resisters are willing to serve their society in an alternative, civil service.
We understand that it is particularly hard for your government to hear the voice of CONSCIENCE - but breaking the mirror will not hide the facts. Inflicting harsh prison sentences only serves to arouse the protest of all those who are beyond the reach of your intimidation.
Release the five conscientious objectors NOW!



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