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Why is Europe so reluctant to challenge Israel’s destruction of EU-funded projects? - Ramona Wadi

A new report issued this month by the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor (Euro-Med Monitor) is called, “Squandered Aid: Israel’s repetitive destruction of EU-funded projects in Palestine”. The report imparts the obvious dissonance which characterises such violent cycles towards the end of its analysis. It is unfortunate that the tone employed detracts from the necessity to adopt a different stance with the intention to alter the dismal reality, rather than contemplating a widely-disseminated and accepted tone of resigned futility.

Prior to listing its recommendations, the report states: “The United Nations, the EU and countries that finance reconstruction projects, particularly in Gaza, understandably are concerned that any new investment will prove futile if the underlying causes of the conflict are not addressed.” This remark summarises a quote used in the report by an unnamed European diplomat who admitted that, “All we help to rebuild is going to be destroyed again… We need a fundamental change in the situation so that we do not repeat what continues to happen.” In short, the EU and other donors build; Israel destroys.

A glimpse at the summary provides evidence of Israel’s contemptuous destruction of donor-funded projects; since 2001, approximately $65 million worth of development and humanitarian projects have been destroyed — “squandered” in the report’s parlance — with $23 million out of the total lost during Operation Protective Edge in 2014 alone. In the first three months of 2016, Israel destroyed an average of 165 structures, including private residences and EU-funded projects, every month. >>>

Russlands vielseitige Nahost-Diplomatie - Anlässlich des 25. Jahrestages der russisch-israelischen Beziehungen ist heute Israels Premier Benjamin Netanjahu zu Besuch in Moskau und trifft den russischen Präsident Wladimir Putin. Beide werde mit Sicherheit auch über den Nahostkonflikt sprechen. Das Verhältnis zwischen den Staaten intensiviert sich seit einiger Zeit, doch es gibt auch Konfliktpunkte. -  Gesine Dornblüth

Ein israelischer Panzer steht im Mittelpunkt von Benjamin Netanjahus Moskau-Besuch. Im Libanonkrieg 1982 hatten syrische Truppen das Fahrzeug erbeutet und der Sowjetunion übergeben. Die Soldaten, die darin saßen, gelten bis heute als verschollen. Jahrzehntelang stand der Panzer in einem Museum bei Moskau. Nun hat Russlands Präsident Wladimir Putin angeordnet, ihn Israel zurückzugeben. Anlass ist der 25. Jahrestag der russisch-israelischen Beziehungen.

Außer Netanjahu werden diese Woche auch die Außenminister Palästinas und Jordaniens in Moskau erwartet. Kein Zufall, meint der russische Außenpolitik-Experte Fjodor Lukjanow.

"Die Besuche demonstrieren in erster Linie, dass Russland, ob das anderen gefällt oder nicht, im Nahen Osten jetzt eine Schlüsselrolle spielt. >>>

Hilferuf aus Israel: Unruhe in der Armee und Pläne zum Angriff gegen die Hisbollah im Libanon - Zlatko Percinic - In Israels Armee gärt es zunehmend und politische Extremisten sitzen in Schlüsselpositionen. Wie etwa der neue Verteidigungsminister Avigdor Lieberman oder Miri Regev. Die ehemalige Armeesprecherin und aktuelle Ministerin im Netanjahu-Kabinett bezeichnet sich öffentlich als "glückliche Faschistin" und Flüchtlinge in Israel als "Krebs im Körper der Nation". Gleichzeitig deuten viele Indizien darauf hin, dass Israel kurz davor steht, einen neuen Krieg gegen die libanesische Hisbollah zu führen.  >>>

Silence BDS and Palestine Solidarity in Germany! - From Israeli citizens, in Solidarity with Christoph Glanz, Against the Attempt to Silence BDS and Palestine Solidarity in Germany!

To whom it may concern,
We are Israeli citizens, active against our government's policies of occupation, colonization and apartheid. We would like to express our solidarity with Christoph Glanz (Oldenburg, Germany). Christoph is a dedicated human rights activist, who has done a lot to raise awareness of Israeli human rights violations towards the Palestinian people. For his efforts, he has been vilified in the ugliest manner by several German groups and individuals, who are standing on the wrong side of history.

We would like to stress that the fundamental right to free speech is apparently being suspended in Germany when it comes to the state of Israel. This happens via the intimidation of venues hosting events on Palestine (Munich, Freiburg, Bremen, Oldenburg et al). The incidents in Oldenburg also included (incomplete list): a „Shitstorm“ email campaign, an open letter signed by lecturers of the University´s Philosophy Department, violent threats against venues and hosts of BDS events with at least partial complicity of police and administration in all of this.

Furthermore, supporters of Israel's illegal policies are using anti-Semitism allegations to malign German citizens (and even Israeli citizens) who are merely calling for equality in human rights and advocating non-violent action to attain this goal. Christoph himself has been called a „known antisemite“ working for an „antisemitic organisation“. We hope that the Landgericht Oldenburg (local court) rules in favour of the restraining order eventually forcing the SPD-politician and member of the University´s Senate who raised these absurd claims to cease to do so. >>>

PMRS Seeks to Protect Palestinian Minors (VIDEO) - In a place where children are treated like adults, or even enemies, where they are imprisoned, injured and killed, child protection campaigns become a necessity. In order to protect children, the Palestinian Medical Relief Society has released a campaign to restore Palestinian childhood that has been choking under a 49-year-old military occupation. >>>

Remembering the Six Day War  - Iris Keltz -  Yesterday Israelis celebrated Jerusalem Day, Yom Yerushalayim, a day commemorating the reunification of the Old City under Israeli control control. Thousands of Jews marched through ancient streets and alleyways carrying Israeli flags and singing loud boisterous patriotic songs. It’s a national holiday.

Forty-nine years ago on June 5, 1967, a war broke out that changed the face of the Middle East. Israel conquered the West Bank, Gaza, the Sinai and the Golan Heights. The Six Day War was fought on the battlefield, in the hearts and minds of men, and at the United Nations where Israeli envoy, Foreign Minister Abba Eban, skillfully argued Israel’s case to the world. Claiming an existential threat Israel preemptively attacked and wiped out the Egyptian Air Force. The name of the war evokes Genesis; God created the world in six days. But in reality, after destroying the Egyptian Air Force, Israel’s most formidable foe, the war was won. Ready to fight for their precious nineteen year old country, worldwide Jewry boarded planes bound for Tel Aviv. And Israel kept the fact of their recent nuclear capabilities a secret. I too mark this day on my calendar but in a different way. When the Israelis were euphorically celebrating their victory I was experiencing the fear of war and the  >>>

Palestinians forced to delay the start of Ramadan as Israel celebrates 49 years of ruling Jerusalem - Allison Deger - Blue and white banners filled Jerusalem yesterday to mark 49 years of Israeli rule in the city. Crowds of settler youth chanted the slogan “the Jewish nation lives” as they marched under the ramparts of Damascus Gate. Many wore stickers supporting rabbi Meir Kahane, a former Knesset member kicked out of the government after calling for violence against Arabs, while others pasted their clothes with decals backing a greater Israel, a Jewish-nationalist movement that seeks to annex the occupied Palestinian territory. Meanwhile, Palestinians were barred from sections of the city and postponed the start of their own festivities for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan to avoid conflicts with the settlers.

Typically the parade is accompanied by clashes between Palestinians and police over barricades erected to cordon off a path for the paraders as they weave through Palestinian neighborhoods. The bustling Israeli festivities set against empty Palestinian streets where residents are prevented from roaming freely is always a jarring feature of the event.

“The soldiers and the police came and said by 5 o’clock you should be inside and everyone should close their stores,” said a Palestinian boutique owner, “I told my neighbors it’s better for us. The police don’t provide security for us.”

“The stores are closed, for anyone, even for business with tourists,” said Mohammed who runs a souvenir stall in the Old City and requested his last name not be published. >>>

Following Israeli restrictions, Gaza farmers access land for first time in 15 years - Isra Saleh El-Namy - Kamal Kafarna could not be happier. He is harvesting his wheat with his own hands from his land that he was prevented from accessing for fifteen years because it is located just a hundred meters away from the boundary line between Israel and the Gaza Strip.

The 50-year-old Palestinian farmer was prohibited from approaching his land for over a decade because it lies to the east of Beit Hanoun, close to the Israeli military base on the border. “I am very delighted that I have been given one day to harvest my yields. This piece of land is mine, but I was not able to tend it for long years because it is feared that I might be shot by the Israeli soldiers who monitor the boundary areas with Gaza,” he explained.

The International Committee of the Red Cross has worked to extort an approval from the Israeli authorities to allow Gaza farmers to access land within up to three hundred meters of the border. Early this year, representatives from the ICRC escorted the farmers to their land so they could plough and plant their seeds in the soil. >>>

EU ambassador to Israel must not speak alongside settler leader Dani Dayan at anti-BDS event - Dear EU High Representative Federica Mogherini - We offer our sincere condolences and thoughts to the people of Belgium during this difficult time.

We are writing to urge the European Union to cancel the participation of Mr. Lars Faaborg-Andersen, head of the EU delegation to Israel, in the Israeli “Stop the Boycott” conference, scheduled to take place in Jerusalem on 28 March 2016. Speaking at this conference, hosted by the right-wing, anti-Palestinian Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, would implicate the EU in the latest phase of Israel’s war on the largest Palestinian-led human rights movement in the world: the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.

It is deeply concerning that Mr. Faaborg-Andersen will be speaking alongside Dani Dayan, a key leader of the settler movement who advocates for the expansion of Israeli settlements, all considered illegal by the EU and the entire world community. Brazil has recently turned down Israel’s appointment of Dayan as its ambassador to Brasilia. An official EU representative speaking alongside Dani Dayan sends a clear message that the EU in effect tolerates Israel’s planned continued expansion of its colonial settlements, undermining the EU’s rhetorical opposition to Israel’s recent settlement expansion plans and the EU’s legal obligation to uphold international law in this regard.

Mr. Faaborg-Andersen will also be joined on the same panel, entitled “Combating the boycott through state action”, by a retired colonel accused of responsibility for enabling Israeli war crimes in Gaza. >>>

The Month in Pictures: May 2016  >>>

Israel's extremist settlers are aiming for the mainstream - Orly Noy - The fact that this year’s Jerusalem Day did not include violence and racist chants against Palestinians signals a change of strategy in winning the hearts and minds of average Israelis.

The main lesson I learned from Jerusalem Days past was to wear comfortable walking shoes. Or preferably running shoes, since I previously learned that there is no way to know what causes police on horseback to charge into and disperse Palestinian crowds out of the enclosures put up around Damascus Gate, into which they were corralled in the first place.

Without a doubt Jerusalem Day is the most tense day of the year in the city. The March of the Flags has, over the years, become a sight of unabashed violent racism, whose entire purpose is to show the Palestinians who’s in charge, all while chanting “Muhammad is dead” and “may your village burn” in the heart of the Old City’s Muslim Quarter. >>>

Israel 2016: A house divided - Adam Keller -  Israelis who still adhere to such concepts as democracy, or human rights, or simply common decency, increasingly feel beleaguered and threatened – and not only left-wingers >>>


Aktuelle  Kurznachrichten

Die Arabisch-palästinensische Investmentgesellschaft APIC unterzeichnet Absichtserklärung mit der Al-Quds Universität im Rahmen eines von der deutschen Regierung unterstützten dualen Studienprogramms

Archbishop Desmond Tutu nominates Marwan Barghouti for Nobel Peace Prize

South African Archbishop, Desmond Tutu, Nominates Marwan Barghouti for Nobel Peace Prize

BDS Blacklisted by New York Governor

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Massive Israeli Settlement Plan to be Implemented

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Israel und Russland einigen sich auf Zollregelung und Energiekooperation

Nearly one thousand Bedouin structures demolished in past year

Three Palestinians injured as house ceiling collapses in Gaza

Nablus-area homes slated for demolition by Israel

Israeli forces open two roads in Nablus after 6-month closure

6. 6. 2016

Army Kidnaps PPS Head In Jerusalem

Palestinian Dies Of Serious Wounds Suffered Friday

Palestinian youth shot in the head by Israeli forces Friday succumbs to wounds

Israeli Soldiers Kidnap Two Palestinians In Ramallah, One In Qalqilia

Israeli Soldiers Kidnap Four Palestinians In Hebron

Soldiers Kidnap A Teen In Bethlehem, Child In Jerusalem

Palestinians commemorate Naksa, Israeli military attacks rallies

Israel's extremist settlers are aiming for the mainstream

Palestinian teen handed 18-year prison sentence after being convicted of stabbing Israeli

Empty Israeli bus reportedly attacked in Nablus

`Majority of Israeli public fearful of visiting Jerusalem`

PHOTOS- Nationalist Jewish-Israelis march through Jerusalem`s Muslim Quarter

5. 6. 2016

Israel lässt Reporter von iranischem TV-Sender wieder frei

Israeli Soldiers Kidnap Seventeen Palestinians In The West Bank

Palestinians rally in Gaza to mark 49 years of occupation

Israeli Navy Opens Fire On Palestinian Fishing Boats

Palestinian journalist and human rights defender’s interrogation extended once more by Israeli court

One Palestinian Injured In Gaza, Many Suffer Effects Of Teargas Inhalation

Two Siblings Injured In Kufur Qaddoum, Army Sprays Homes With Wastewater

Many Injured In Bil’in’s Weekly Nonviolent Protest

Global protests target Airbnb over Israeli settlement rentals

Israeli army detains Palestinian teen allegedly involved in Gaza tunnels

4. 6. 2016

Bundeswehr least Drohnen aus Israel - 580 Millionen-Miete
Mitbewerber General Atomics aus den USA. hatte den Deutschen eine vergleichbare Zahl von Kampfdrohnen des Typs Predator für gerade mal 400 Millionen Euro zum Kauf angeboten.

Web documentary aims to tell stories of Gaza’s ‘obliterated families’

78% of Israelis support annexing West Bank settlement Ma’aleh Adumim

Palestinian parliamentarian Khalida Jarrar returns to West Bank after more than a year in Israeli prison

How one Jerusalem neighborhood has been left to fend for itself

List of Non-profits That Would Be Affected by Proposed NGO Bill Revealed

Gaza is a concentration camp, and it's an American delusion not to recognize that -- Weschler

Army Kidnaps A Palestinian Near Hebron

One Palestinian Injured In Gaza, Many Suffer Effects Of Teargas Inhalation

Two Siblings Injured In Kufur Qaddoum, Army Sprays Homes With Wastewater

Many Injured In Bil’in’s Weekly Nonviolent Protest

Bethlehem- Scores Join Freedom March ; Saying Enough 49 Years of Occupation

Wiping Palestinian history off the map in Jaffa

Israel discusses Gaza war crimes with ICC prosecutor


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