[1] Settlers attacks that did not result in casualties or property damage are not included in this count.

[2] The information is collected and circulated via social media by ‘Rescuers without Borders’ and is not verified by OCHA.

[3] A petition with the Israeli High Court of Justice filed by Palestinians and an Israeli human rights organizations to halt this process is still pending (HCJ 825/19, Head of Turmusayya Village Council and others vs Minister of Defense and others).

[4] TIPH presence was unilaterally terminated by Israel. It was the only organization documenting incidents and providing a protective presence that was authorized to access any part of the city on foot and by vehicle, and it had direct channels to address urgent incidents and concerns with the relevant authorities. The departure of TIPH has placed increasing pressure on the other organizations providing a protective presence in H2, which forced them to withdraw or to scale back. For further details on the situation in H2 during 2019 see, OCHA, Dignity denied: Life in the settlement area of Hebron city, February 2020.

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