Gaza Strip Key FactsGaza Strip - Palestinians in Gaza are ‘locked in’, denied free access to the remainder of the occupied Palestinian territory and the outside world. Movement restrictions imposed by Israel since the early 1990’s and intensified in June 2007, following the takeover of Gaza by Hamas, have severely undermined the living conditions. The isolation of Gaza has been exacerbated by restrictions imposed by the Egyptian authorities on its single passengers crossing (Rafah), as well as by the internal Palestinian divide. The UN Secretary-General has found (link is external) that the blockade and related restrictions contravene international humanitarian law as they target and impose hardship on the civilian population, effectively penalizing them for acts they have not committed. Major escalations of hostilities in the past years have resulted in extensive destruction and internal displacement.

For access and movement related figures, see OCHA’s Gaza Crossings Activities Database or the monthly crossings operations status reports.


Gaza Crossings Operations Status - Monthly | United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs - occupied Palestinian territory >>>

Significant increase in agricultural exports/transfers from Gaza during 2016 >>>

Intensified restrictions on the entry of building materials delay the completion of housing projects in Gaza >>>

Preparedness for potential floods in Gaza undermined by import restrictions >>>

Serious deterioration in access of humanitarian staff to and from Gaza >>>